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We stock over 11,000 items and over 60 million feet of wire in our modern 80,000 square-foot facility.

SEA Wire and Cable state of the art logistics center and offices

SEA Wire and Cable is a privately held corporation headquartered in Alabama. From SEA's beginning in 1970, its mission has been to respond to your needs with accurate technical support, product availability, and professional service. Our dedication to fulfilling customer needs paid off during the 1980s as SEA developed into a full value added stocking distributor of Mil-Spec and aerospace products. And now with a total of 90,000 square feet of space, a clean room, a state of the art logistics center, and new computer management systems, SEA is prepared to grow with you into the next century. More...

Latest News

MARCH 2018

Recently the employees at SEA participated in "CASUAL FOR A CAUSE" to raise $1,000 for Felines & Canines Rescue Center. In addition, the company was able to match their donation for a total of $2,000! READ MORE


Bob Wills, former CEO of SEA, has named heir apparent Marty Clark to the new role of CEO and President. Marty has been serving SEA for over 30 years. READ MORE


SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. achieved compliance with new, stringent AS9100 Rev D quality system requirements for aviation, space, and defense markets. READ MORE


SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Wills for his service to the wire and cable industry.READ MORE


SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. has added a custom cable design tool for both military and commercial applications.READ MORE


SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. has added the Mark 10 ESM303 to its many test capabilities...READ MORE

APRIL 2017

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. today announced that it has again received the Top Tiger Award...READ MORE


SEA Wire and Cable, Inc Announces Return of Web-based Product Wizard... READ MORE

JUNE 2016

Lockheed/Nasa celebrate SEA Wire and Cable, Inc Orion Mission-1 Partnership...READ MORE

JUNE 2015

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. announces its new capability to run solderability tests to J-STD 002...READ MORE

APRIL 2015

SEA Wire and Cable is a proud sponsor of Nashville Salutes which will be a week of celebration to honor...READ MORE

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