About SEA Wire and Cable

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SEA strives to build customer loyalty through exceptional service, providing the desired products at the right time with competitive pricing while maintaining a system of continual improvement.

SEA Wire and Cable Team

Since it was founded in 1970, SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. of Madison, Alabama, has been dedicated to providing its clients with consistent, reliable quality, accurate technical support and exceptional customer service at a competitive price. For more than 39 years, SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. has been a full stocking supplier of mil-spec wire, cable and related harnessing products.

SEA specializes in supplying wire, cable, tubing, termination sleeves, cable ties, EMI/RFI backshells, and other cable assemblies for the most demanding electronic applications. To provide fast service and to meet a wide range of client needs, the company currently stocks over 11,000 items and over 60 million feet of wire in its modern 80,000-square-foot facility. These products are available 24 hours a day, which is why SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. has amassed over 4,800 customers around the world.

SEA also offers a number of value-added and supplemental services to its clients, including laser wire marking, custom color coding, custom labels, dyeing, cut and strip wire, cut and marked tubing, etching, kitting and subassemblies. Additionally, SEA provides inventory management for its clients to suit their particular stock management needs, such as Kanban, JIT, dock to stock, demand-pull, consignment, stock rotation, or standard spools/packaging.

That's not all. SEA's testing laboratory can evaluate products based on solderability (with or without steam-aging), strip-ability (pull test), hipot (resistance, leakage, and breakdown), and spark (pinhole, integrity) vectors.

Quality service, quality products, vast selection, and quick product delivery; all of these are offered by SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter where you are worldwide.