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SEA Wire and Cable, Inc receives Notice of Qualification to WC27500-2012

June 31, 2013

Madison, Alabama (June 2013) – SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. today announced that it has received approval from Naval Air Command to manufacture products in accordance with WC 27500-2012. This initial approval is effective as of the date of the Qualification Test Reference 15443801.AAl05-31-13.

“The SEA team has worked diligently to acquire this certification to satisfy our customer’s needs for flexible solutions,” stated Marty Clark President and COO of SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. “More importantly, it demonstrates that SEA is committed to maintaining its position as a world-class mil-spec cable supplier,” Clark said.

The approval applies to all products produced in the Madison, Alabama facility for groups 1, 6, 8, 10, and 12. For any questions requiring the new WC27500-2012 approval, please contact William Thomas SEA Quality Manager.

Notice of Qualification WC27500-2012