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December 2017

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. Awards Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Wills

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Wills for his service to the wire and cable industry.

The award was presented at the annual SEA Christmas party. Bob, employee #11, has served SEA for over 35 years and has been instrumental in shaping the family culture of SEA. He truly displays the best attributes of a father, husband, and leader to all that is SEA. Having been at SEA from nearly the beginning, he has helped to lead and transform SEA from a rep firm in the 70’s to now - one of the foremost leaders in Military and Aerospace logistics.

"Bob Wills has been the Reason SEA is such a great success as well as my own personal success" claimed Marty Clark, CEO. "Bob brings both discipline and professionalism that is unmatched. He is probably the most loved and respected leaders in the wire industry."

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc SEA is a leading supplier of wire, cable, tubing, termination sleeves, cable ties, EMI/RFI backshells, connectors and other cable assemblies for the aerospace and military markets. The company is headquartered in Madison, Al with offices worldwide.

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