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December 2017

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc Announces new Custom Cable Design Tool

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. has added a custom cable design tool for both military and commercial applications.

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. has greatly simplified the sourcing of custom cables. If you need to combine a number of cables into one cable for easier installation or require custom print legend or color match jacket, you are an excellent candidate to use the SEA custom cable design center.

The custom cable design tool allows the designer to have control over conductor counts, AWG sizes, color codes, tolerances, insulation and jacket materials, shielding and print legends. Special designs also allow for the adjustment of overall diameters so that the cable will fit in existing ancillary components like grips, connectors, and grommets. Moreover, custom cables make it easier to ensure that inferior cables that does not meet mil-spec QPL standards are not substituted.

The SEA custom design tool is available on our website: here.

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc SEA is a leading supplier of wire, cable, tubing, termination sleeves, cable ties, EMI/RFI backshells, connectors and other cable assemblies for the aerospace and military markets. The company is headquartered in Madison, Al with offices worldwide.

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