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For Immediate Release
January 2018

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. names Marty Clark to CEO and President:

Bob Wills, former CEO of SEA, has named heir apparent Marty Clark to the new role of CEO and President. Marty has been serving SEA for over 30 years and vastly responsible for the day to day operations and strategic vision for SEA since being named President in 2012.

“Through his leadership and vision as President, Marty’s talents, commitment and value have proven to be a key component in SEA’s success over the years”claimed Bob Wills. “Succession planning has always been a primary component of our recipe for success and it gives me great pleasure to know Marty will be leading SEA for many years to come and shaping what is already a very bright future for SEA.”

“Bob is one of the most respected and loved leaders in our industry and while I may have the honor of serving in this new role, it is wonderful to know that Bob is still with SEA and not ready to be a full time farmer just yet”says Marty Clark. “Bob will continue to be the father like influence at SEA for years to come and not have to be bothered with the day to day blocking and tackling.”

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc SEA is a leading supplier of wire, cable, tubing, termination sleeves, cable ties, EMI/RFI backshells, connectors and other cable assemblies for the aerospace and military markets. The company is headquartered in Madison, Al with offices worldwide.

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