5015 Series: ITT Cannon – E/F/R Series – MIL-DTL-5015 Series I

5015 Series: ITT Cannon – E/F/R Series – MIL-DTL-5015 Series I

ITT Cannon E/F/R MIL-DTL-5015 Series I

Environmental Resistant MS-E, MS-F, MS-R, AND F80 (Solder/Crimp Termination)

These circular connectors were originally designed for aircraft, but are now widely used in many other fields. They are particularly suitable for commercial applications requiring low cost and high reliability. MS-E, MS-F and MS-R are similar to MS-A and MS-B connectors but have resilient insulators and wire sealing grommets for extreme environmental conditions and high altitude sealing. MS-E’s and MS-F’s have a mechanical cable clamp; the MS-R has a shorter, lighter weight endbell without the cable clamp. Both the MS-F and MS-R have O rings to supplement the interfacial seal. Shells are aluminum alloy. Contacts are silver plated copper alloy. The F80 modification (crimp contact termination) is available in E, R, F and BFR styles with resilient insulators. The new class F connector supersedes the previous class E connector. The MS3106F has an O ring under the coupling nut. The class E will be available upon request for existing programs, and upon ordering will also bear the E nomenclature on the shell. MS-F and MS-R connectors are designed to operate in the extreme environmental conditions of high altitude flight and must be completely sealed to withstand moisture, condensation, vibration, corona and flashover caused by high altitude environments. They have resilient grommet with internal restrictions in the wire cavities which act as O rings around the wires. This allows the wires to slide thru the grommet with a minimum of friction, yet when the ferrule is seated and the endbell tightened it provides a perfect wire seal thru a wide variety of wire diameters. This seal at the rear, plus the interfacial seal at the front, effects a completely environment-resistant assembly when the plug is mated to and F or R receptacle. Sockets are of the closed-entry type. The temperature range for this connector is – 55ºC (67ºF) to +125º (+257ºF) and meets the requirements of MIL-C-5015. The F80 modification (crimp contact termination) is available in resilient insulators in the E, R, F, and BFR styles, creating a large selection of insert assemblies and hardware. Components are identical to the MS-5015 except that the contacts are modified for crimp termination providing and inexpensive crimp contact connector with the proven reliability of and complete intermateability with the MS-5015 series. Cable clamps have been integrally designed with the endbell on MS-E and MS-F connectors. Class R is without the cable clamp.

Features and Benefits

Solder and Crimp Termination

Resilient Insulators

Interfacial Seal

Closed-Entry Socket Type

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