We are in a transition period to the AS23053 from the M23053 and the QPL, there is a lot of confusion.

The M23053 specification is now an AS23053, in the AS23053 the call out of the material is still M23053 to have continuity of the 2 specs. All AS specifications have copyrights and are sold at SAE.org. Since the document is propriety to SAE we cannot supply the document, it must be purchased from SAE.

The Original Mil-Spec was not a Qualified Products List (QPL) document/product, the AS Spec is currently in transition to be a QPL document/product. The AS23053 was released on 10/16/2016. As of December 31, 2019, the QPL will be in full effect however, there is an SAE meeting in April 2019 where there will have updated information.

There are several known Tubing Manufacturers that are not currently listed on the QPL because they are still in the process of getting the approval. At this point, we are not aware if they will be on the QPL at the 12/31/19 time frame. We do know all our current suppliers are in the process and they think they will get it all accomplished.

There is no More Shelf Life, it is now dimensional life.

This means if the product performs as it should and meets the parameters of the specification it can be used by the end customer until it no longer performs.

All slant sheets have either been amended or soon will be amended to read that there is a minimum of Dimensional life. If the Manufacturer meets the minimum they can certify their material up to 12 years, as this is the maximum allowed by the specification for Manufacturers or distributors to sell the product as AS23053.

It has been an industry standard for M23053/5 to have a 5-year shelf life dictated from the Manufacturer. We are now seeing the Manufacturer put a 12-year dimensional life date on the material. Each Manufacturer can pick a different time frame, based on data they have retained on how long their product will be stable.

The AS23053 is rapidly evolving and we will update as to final specification parameters later in 2019.

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