NAVAIR Wiring Systems has approved a new configuration of Electrical Wiring and Interconnect System (EWIS) Electromagnetic Interference shield termination device (ISOTDS1 through 4). Current termination steel bands (M85049/128) are cumbersome, take too much time to install, require multiple specialized tools to install, and verify installation. The M85049/128 bands can only be used once, are costly, and must be removed in pieces which may cause foreign object debris. This effort tested the new spring band configuration on typical EWIS installations, using the Society of Engineers (SAE) published test methods employed to evaluate and qualify the existing M85049/128 shield termination devices. Supplemental tests were also performed beyond the minimum SAE specification requirements. The new configuration ISOTDS1 through 4 trident spring band was found to meet or exceed performance requirements of the existing M85049/128. It provided a quick installation and removal, required no special tools and was shown to be reusable. Tests performed included: fit, vibration, elevated temperature life cycle, electrical conductivity, braid retention/tensile strength, and suitability.

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