M27500 (NEMA WC27500) cables are the main cables used in the military and aerospace industry. Because this cable uses the primary wires from the main M22759, M81044, M81381, and M25038 basic wires, the M27500 spec encompasses most all constructions for desired cables. Of course, you can get specialty cables under other specifications or custom builds but the M27500 cable in most constructions is available off the shelf and in small quantities. The M27500 is a high temperature cable that can come shielded or unshielded as well as with one jacket and at times, a second jacket for demanding applications. Just as the primary conductors come in coatings of tin, silver, and nickel – so does the braided shielding within this spec. Flat braids are also available in the M27500 specification to allow for greater cable flexibility as well as shield coverage. The M27500 specification is a bit like an a la cart menu where you can choose your primary, then your conductor count, braid type and finally a jacket to hold it all together. This also presents a challenge for engineers trying to design an effective cable that is also actually available in the market at a reasonable quantity and lead time. Please consult our cable wizard (provide link) to help design a cable that will lead you down a path of best practices to help select a cable that is readily available and meets or exceeds your requirements.
Most cables require identification and that can be found on a marker tape on the inside of the cable or the outside jacket may require print. The print includes the part number and manufacturer cage code. The M27500 specification is now a Qualified Products List item so everyone must be qualified to manufacturer this set of cables. SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. is approved to make most all unshielded and unjacketed constructions, which allows for small minimums and very quick delivery. SEA also has a planetary twister that allows for very large gauge material to be cabled with reduced stress on the conductors. All cables manufactured by SEA are spark tested and Hi-Pot tested to the M27500 specification.
The M27500 cable can be a bit daunting with options for components and various marking iterations. Consult the cable wizard for the charts and part number breakdown for the specification.
To build a M27500 part number and check inventory, visit our cable wizard at:
  1. Specification Number
  2. Table 1: Identification Method and Shield Coverage
  3. Conductor Size
  4. Table 2: Basic Wire Specifications
  5. Number of Conductors
  6. Table 3: Shield Style
  7. Table 4: Jacket Style
Table 1: Identification Method:
When an unshielded cable, or a cable with a minimum shield coverage of 85% is required, specify:
Code Description
Standard Stripes with 85% Shield
F Special Stripes with 85% Shield
A Standard Solids with 85% Shield
G Special Solids with 85% Shield
B Band Marking with 85% Shield
K Printed Numbers with 85% Shield
L Printed Numbers with 85% Shield
P Band Marking and Stripes with 85% Shield
S Color Bands with 85% Shield
U Custom Color per Customer with 85% Shield
When a minimum shield coverage of 90% is required, specify:
C Standard Stripes with 90% Shield
H Special Stripes with 90% Shield
D Standard Solids with 90% Shield
J Special Solids with 90% Shield
E Band Marking with 90% Shield
M Printed Numbers with 90% Shield
N Printed Numbers with 90% Shield
R Band Marking and Stripes with 90% Shield
T Color Bands with 90% Shield
V Custom Color per Customer with 90% Shield
Table 2:
Basic wire description
CA: M22759/13
CB: M22759/14
CC: M22759/15
E: M22759/2
EA: M22759/1
JA: M25038/1
JB: M22759/28
JC: M22759/29
JD: M22759/30
JE: M22759/31
JF: M25038/3
LE: M22759/9
LH: M22759/10
ME: M81044/6
MH: M81044/9
MJ: M81044/10
ML: M81044/12
MM: M81044/13
MR: M81381/7
MS: M81381/8
MT: M81381/9
MV: M81381/10
MW: M81381/11
MY: M81381/12
NA: M81381/13
NB: M81381/14
NE: M81381/17
NF: M81381/18
NG: M81381/19
NH: M81381/20
NK: M81381/21
NL: M81381/22
RA: M22759/3
RB: M22759/4
RC: M22759/11
RE: M22759/12
SA: M22759/7
SB: M22759/32
SC: M22759/33
SD: M22759/34
SE: M22759/35
SM: M22759/41
SN: M22759/42
SP: M22759/43
SR: M22759/44
SS: M22759/45
ST: M22759/46
TA: M22759/8
TE: M22759/16
TF: M22759/17
TG: M22759/18
TH: M22759/19
TK: M22759/20
TL: M22759/21
TM: M22759/22
TN: M22759/23
VA: M22759/5
WA: M22759/6
WB: M22759/80
WC: M22759/81
WE: M22759/82
WJ: M22759/86
WK: M22759/87
WL: M22759/88
WM: M22759/89
WN: M22759/90
WP: M22759/91
WR: M22759/92
Table 3: Shield Description:
Single Shield Material Double Shield Shield Material Temperature
U No Shield No Shield
T Single Tin-coated V Double Tin-coated copper round 150°C
S Single Silver-coated copper round W Double Silver-coated copper round 200°C
N Single Nickel-coated copper round Y Double Nickel-coated copper round 260°C
F Single Stainles Steel round Z Double Stainless Steel round 400°C
C Single Nickel-clad copper round R Double Nickel-clad copper round 400°C
M Single Silver-coated HSCA round K Double Silver-coated HSCA round 200°C
P Single Nickel-coated HSCA round L Double Nickel-coated HSCA round 260°C
G Single Silver-coated copper flat A Double Silver-coated copper flat 200°C
H Single Silver-coated HSCA flat B Double Silver-coated HSCA flat 200°C
* Single Nickel-coated copper flat # Double Nickel-coated copper flat 260°C
J Single Tin-coated copper flat D Double Tin-coated copper flat 150°C
E Single Nickel-coated HSCA flat X Double Nickel-coated HSCA flat 260°C
I Single Nickel-chromium alloy flat Q Double Nickel-chromium alloy flat 400°C
Table 4: Jacket Styles:
Single Jacket Double Jacket Jacket Material Temperature
0 0 No Jacket
1 51 Extruded white PVC 90°C
2 52 Extruded clear polyamide 105°C
3 53 White polyamide braid impregnated with clear polyamide finisher over a polyester tape 105°C
4 54 Polyester braid impregnated with high temperature finishers over polyester tape 150°C
5 55 Extruded clear FEP 200°C
6 56 Extruded or taped and heat sealed white PTFE 260°C
7 57 White PTFE treated glass braid impregnated and coated with PTFE finisher over preinserted PTFE tape 260°C
8 58 Cross linked white extruded PVF2 150°C
9 59 Extruded white FEP 200°C
10 60 Extruded clear PVF2 125°C
11 61 Tape of natural polyimide combined with FEP wrapped and heat sealed with polyimideouter surface 200°C
12 62 Tape of natural polyimide combined with FEP wrapped and heat sealed with polyimideouter surface 200°C
14 64 Extruded white ETFE 150°C
15 65 Extruded clear ETFE 150°C
16 66 Braid of aromatic polyamide with high temperature finisher over preinserted PTFE tape 200°C
17 67 White extruded ECTFE 150°C
18 68 Clear extruded ECTFE 150°C
20 70 Extruded white PFA 260°C
21 71 Extruded clear PFA 260°C
22 72 Tape of polyimide combined with clear FEP wrapped and heat sealed with opaque polyimide outer surface 200°C
23 73 White crosslinked extruded modified ETFE(XL-ETFE) 200°C
24 74 Tape layer of white PTFE wrapped over a tape layer of natural polyimide combined with FEP heated and fused 260°C

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