SAE AS81044 (M81044, Mil-W-81044) General Information

SAE AS81044 (M81044) wire is widely used in the military and aerospace markets.  It is an ideal wire for high-density wire harnesses housed in tight spaces.  It is routinely used in ground support equipment, shipboard, missiles, avionics, airframe, and various other electronic applications.  M81044 wire is a dual insulated product of crosslinked polyalkene with an outer coating of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2).  The outer insulation has superior resistance to cut through, abrasion, common chemicals, cold flow, and has low smoke properties.  All slant sheets have a temperature range of -65C to 150C and a maximum voltage rating of 600 volts.  It is available in tin, silver, and high strength copper alloy (HSCA) coated conductors with light and medium insulation thicknesses.  Based on the slant sheets and conductor thickness, the M81044 wire can be found in 4/0 to 30 gauge.  

This product is easily striped to allow for multiple color configurations.  See our Wire Wizard to see the available slant sheets and specific product details.  See the chart for how the part number uses the slant sheet, gauge, and color within the part number scheme.

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