Mil-W-22759 | SAE AS22759 – General Information

Mil-W-22759 (M22759) SAE AS22759 is the staple for hook-up wire in the military and commercial aerospace sectors, defense industry supporting ground, sea, and air equipment, as well as the transit industry. Through various slant sheets, this M22759 spec covers many applications requiring high temperature, low weight, low outgassing, reduced flame propagation, wire abrasion, cut-through resistance, and resistance to arc tracking in both wet and dry conditions. Various M22759 conductor coatings are available to include tin, silver, and nickel. There are also many insulations to choose from to cover a wide range of applications. Insulations include single wires covered in polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), Cross-Linked ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), and new composite constructions combining multiple insulations to create next-generation performance.

Because these discrete wires are used in both standard and critical applications for the military and aerospace markets, they are manufactured to the highest standards and provide a reliable and safe connection. Manufacturers must be on the Qualified Products List (QPL) to be registered and able to properly manufacture these wires. SEA Wire and Cable, Inc. is a leading supplier for all manufacturers of M22759 wire. SEA carries a wide inventory of slant sheets, various gauges and most all colors on the popular specifications. Please visit our Wire Wizard to assist in choosing the right wire for your application.

Most all M22759 wires are printed with the specification and cage code or FSCM code from the manufacturer. Smaller wires do not require print in most cases. Consult the individual slant sheets for exact information on wire identification. Each M22759 spec has its own range of gauges and manufacturers must be on the QPL for each individual gauge in order to manufacture the wire. Specifications for M22759 range from the largest of 4/0 gauge through the smallest of 30 gauge. These wires are also able to be striped with up to 3 stripes per wire providing a near-endless array of color schemes to accommodate high volume applications. SEA can stripe these M22759 wires with low minimums and quick lead times to satisfy your most demanding requirements. M22759 wires are also the main component for cables manufactured to the M27500 specification.

M22759 wire part numbers are straight forward and easy to understand. The slant number provides the basis for the construction. This includes static information about the insulation type, conductor coating, voltage rating, temperature rating, and insulation thickness. The next digits cover the gauge and color-coding. Please see the example below to unlock the secrets of the M22759 part number. Please visit the M22759 web site section for more information and a breakout of all the various slant sheets.

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